E-PAL NEMURO’s activity mainly consists of 3 steps


1.次週の内容について、自分なりに意見をまとめる (Think about the topic for the next week.

2.その内容について、みんなの前で一人数分ほどの時間をとり、発表する (Present your opinion about the topic in front of everyone for some minutes.)

3.発表した内容についてのコメントや質問を行って、自分たちの意見を共有する (Share ideas and thoughts on what someone presents.)



Thats all.



And this week, since we could see lots and lots of cherry blossoms blooming everywhere, we talked about “SAKURA” and each of our members presented what he or she found or experienced regarding sakura, cherry blossoms.



One member talked about the actual sakura trees he saw, and another talked about the best Sakura spot, Seiryuji-temple, in Nemuro, which was very informational. We could share “the sakura we didn’t konw” this week. It was very fun!


「根室 桜」で検索すると、「清隆寺」という言葉がすぐに見つかります。

Regarding Seiryuji-temple, if you google “Nemuro Sakura”, you will find “Seiryuji Temple in Nemuro”



There are thirty cherry blossoms which are 140 years old in the garden of this temple, Seiryuji, and all of the trees bloom in the last Sakura season in Japan (you know, Hokkaido is in the head of Japan). 30 is not a big number, I know. But you can see how cozy and  overwhelmingly beautiful a small place can be in here.




In Nemuro, the last place you can enjoy Sakura in Japan, Sakura trees are lightened up every year. It’s usually for three days event and rather short, but it is breathtaking to see the lighted sakura trees under the tree.nightsakura3 nightsakura2 nightsakura1 nightsakura



This event is held by the local radio broadcasting studio, FM Nemuro. If you missed it this year, or are planning to visit Nemuro next Sakura season, you REALLY should come to see this event. You’ll be amazed, I bet.



For the last section of this blog, let me share the talk from one member.



The representative of this group, E-PAL Nemuro, Mrs. Nakatani, didn’t look at sakura trees even in spring before the topic for this week was decided as “SAKURA”. She wakes up really early in the morning and works late every day, she has no way of sparing her time to see sakura trees, or interest in sakura trees, which bloom every week without any changes.



And this week, since we had to talk about “SAKURA” in front of everyone and share our experience, she deliberately tried to look at sakura trees. And what she found was, we can see Sakura everywhere around our own house, the route to our work place, or in the neighbors’ gardens. We “can” see sakura, but we “don’t” see sakura. All of the sakura trees are very beautiful and blooming, but we, people in this modern age, don’t actually try to look at them.



We have the best beauty in our regular days. We can look at the most beautiful scenery in the world around us, so why not? Maybe we need to stop and look up the sakura trees sometimes. Her talk was very inspiring for me to realize how busy life we are spending, and how much we are missing by living a life like that. We should look at the tiny, beautiful petals of sakura in spring, and feel how great our lives are, I thought.




Our next topic is “SEAFOOD”!

Can’t wait to see what will be on the talk!




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